Why is a Sonicare/electric toothbrush better then the old standard ?

Have you ever used a Sonicare toothbrush? If the answer to that is Yes then you understand how glorious the experience is. If you answered No then you should definitely make a trip into the office and purchase your very first. 

The Sonicare has a variety of oral benefits.  First off, you can help your teeth to become naturally whiter. At the speed the bristles go back-and-forth it helps to diminish stains which are difficult to remove. If used regularly you can start to see a difference in you pearly whites. 

The Sonicare toothbrush has been proven to combat unhealthy gums.  Unhealthy gums can lead to a variety of things such as gum disease , tooth loss and bad breath. Using the sonicare has been linked to a better production of saliva, which can help control gum issues as well as cavities.  

Using an electronic toothbrush, such as Sonicare, can help to eliminate 10 to 49% more plaque than using a manual toothbrush. Due to the design of the bristles and the different movements that take place with an electric toothbrush, The brush itself is able to reach places at increased speeds that a manual toothbrush cannot. 

In my experience with gum recession, an electric sonicare toothbrush makes all the difference. When you use a manual toothbrush there is little to no attention paid to the pressure and movement in which you are using while brushing your teeth.  When you are using an electric toothbrush there is usually a timing system, and little pressure is needed because of the motion of the bristles or brush head. That leaves room for little to no error when it comes to your brushing routine. 

To conclude, if you have never used a sonicare electric toothbrush you are missing out. You should definitely stop by our office and pick one up for yourself. Your gums and teeth will love you!