Four Ways to Protect your Teeth This Summer

We all know the summer is for relaxing. But one thing that should not be neglected during your relaxation are your teeth. Although it might be tempting to skip out on dental appointments or place dental necessities to the side, it’s not always a great idea. Here are four small things you can do to protect your teeth this summer.
  1. Stay away from sports drinks. Although they might seem great for hydrating in the heat, sports drinks are super high in sugar and acid. They can play a part in the cause cavities, breakdown enamel and work to discolor your teeth.
  2. Its always a good idea to either have your teeth cleaned or have any issues addressed Prior to going away on a long vacation. Most insurance companies only allow specific frequencies for a cleaning but if you feel an issue starting make sure to call your dentist as soon as possible. Having something happen while you’re on vacation is never fun, plus if it’s caught early on it could save you a boatload of money.
  3. If your oral hygiene routine is already in place don’t skip out on your cleaning just because it’s the summertime. Make it a point to see your dental hygienist. Make sure you are also continuing your home oral care. Summer gets rough and we eat a lot more yummy snacky foods. Some people stay up later hours which could have you skipping your nightly toothbrushing. Love your teeth and don’t neglect them.
  4. If you go away a lot and travel during the summer months, put together an emergency dental kit. Something that includes a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, ibuprofen, gauze and wax. Make sure you have the number to your dental provider as well, in case of a real emergency.
Have fun this summer but also remember to take care of your teeth!