Experimenting with your teeth: The Plaque Challenge

So I was reading a magazine and came across a section of cool activities for the family, involving experiments with your teeth. This one seemed to be pretty cool not only for adults but especially for children that are having a hard time understanding why brushing and rinsing is so important.
This experiment will demonstrate the importance of brushing your teeth to avoid plaque buildup.
What you’ll need: food coloring, water, measuring spoons, tooth brush and toothpaste
The activity
  1. Mix 3 to 4 drops of your choice of food coloring in a few tablespoons of water
  2. Have your child swish around in their mouth for 10 seconds then spit it out
  3. Show your child were the food coloring stuck to their teeth indicating that there is plaque buildup in that area.
  4. Now have your child brush their teeth and rinse their mouth out. After that is accomplished have them swish around the colored water again. Point out to them how much less plaque there is after brushing their teeth.
I think this is a pretty simple,basic and fun little activity. I’m curious to see the reaction of the kids, so if you happen to do this little experiment I would love for you to send me an email at the office with your findings. You can even send me over pictures of the before and after if you like.
Address the email to Angie