Surprise! Your Oral Health can affect your heart

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a disease involving the blood vessels and the heart. It represents almost 29 % of all deaths in the United States. Gum disease and heart disease have many similarities, for example, inflammation is common in both cases and can contribute to narrowing coronary arteries and also breaking down the tissue that holds teeth in place. There has been research recently that suggests there is an association with CVD and gum disease. Read more »

Six Links to Depression and your Oral Health

  1. A high percentage of patients who reported depression also reported an aching mouth. Also half a bit it to having their teeth to be in fair or poor condition.
  2. Depression can lead to temporomandibular (TMJ) disorders that can cause restriction of jaw and even pain.
  3. If you are taking medications for depression, the side effects can increase the risk of periodontal disease, oral infections and tartar buildup. Other side effects may even weaken teeth and gums and cause them damage.
  4. Read more »