Pregnancy and you Oral Health


So you have a bun in the oven… Should you be continuing your oral hygiene care?

The answer to that is absolutely! 

Make sure if you have started or discontinued any medications during your pregnancy, you inform your dental provider. 

Teeth may become more prone to decay during pregnancy due to many factors such as an increase of carbohydrate intake or morning sickness. Your normal dental routine may be disrupted due to a more sensitive gag reflex, morning sickness, exhaustion and tender gums. It’s very important to keep up your at home routine . 

There is also concern about pregnancy gingivitis. This is caused by the increase of hormones and can show symptoms such as gum inflammation and bleeding and soreness of the gums. If left untreated this can cause other serious forms of gum disease. 

There has been some controversy regarding x-rays during pregnancy. Fortunately, dental x-rays have very low amounts of radiation;however, if you were having a dental emergency an x-ray is usually necessary. Your dentist will cover you with a lead apron which covers the abdomen as well as a neck apron. This will help to shield from any radiation.

So to recap, if you are pregnancy you should make every effort to continue your yearly dental cleanings! Some insurances even allow extra cleanings during pregnancy. Always contact you dental provider with any questions or concerns.