Happy Teeth for Your Pets

You may be sitting next to your dog or cat and he or she may have some pretty bad breath. What you may not know is that animals can produce the same plaque buildup as people do. Ideally, you would want to brush your pets teeth daily to reduce and remove plaque buildup, but it tends to be a very challenging task that doesn’t always happen. There are different ways around it…. one thing you can try is to rub your pets teeth with gauze and include a dab of toothpaste specifically for animals.
Just like humans your pets need check ups too. Their teeth should be cleaned once a year my veterinarian to ensure they don’t produce dental disease.
Adding in dental friendly treats can help with the tartar buildup as well. Just make sure that you research on what treats to get. Avoid real bones, nylon bones or elk antlers as they  can all play a part in fracturing teeth.
Here are three things that you can use to help control your pets tartar buildup. Oral cleansing wipes can help to remove plaque due to the textured feel. When rubbing that on teeth it produces friction that helps to take plaque off the teeth.  The next thing is tartar control chews, when your pet is chewing them it helps to get to the areas that are unreachable. And the last thing is dental crunch snacks…they act as a toothbrush with the texture that will help to prevent the tartar buildup.
Pets have teeth too and we should play a part in helping to keep those teeth healthy. Plus it will save you a lot of money in the long run.