Picking the Perfect Shade for Whiter teeth

I don’t know about you but I love make up. Sorry man but unless you’re wearing lipstick this blog is not for you. Here is a handy guide to help your smile look whiter.

First off wearing lipstick works similarly to other types of color correcting. Depending on the problem area, other make up is worn with warm or cool tones to correct different imperfections on the face.
Choosing a shade that helps bring out the white in your teeth can be a difficult thing. There also has to be some skin tone matching, not everyone can pull off the same shades of lip color. If you are looking to wear warmer tone lipstick, i.e. Oranges and browns, neons or even vampy shades you may want to look into a teeth whitening regimen. Check our website or call for details on ZOOM whitening. These colors, because of their warm undertone, are notorious for bringing out the yellow.

Nudes and dark purples are probably the most difficult to choose from because they tend to lean towards more of a brown or orangey undertone, making them slightly warmer. A pink or red are a little more versatile because they can fluctuate between a cool (blue) and a warm ( brown) undertone. Test some out and see which one may work better.
All in all lip colors are fun ….and who doesn’t want their teeth to look whiter!!
If you are unsure but want to test this theory you could go to any cosmetic store and ask for help, and/or give our office a call and set up your ZOOM whitening treatment. You can even do both!!!