Foods that Help to Strengthen Teeth

There are healthy foods out there that don’t just satisfy a growing kid but also help to clean their smile. Check out this list!

Apples our great way to polish your pearly whites between meals. They are highly fibrous and very hydrating. Because of that, they stimulate saliva production.

Yogurt contains a lot of natural probiotic bacteria’s that help to fight bad bacteria which causes plaque buildup and gingivitis. Yogurt is also very rich in calcium and super important to developing teeth. Read more »

Experimenting with your teeth: The Plaque Challenge

So I was reading a magazine and came across a section of cool activities for the family, involving experiments with your teeth. This one seemed to be pretty cool not only for adults but especially for children that are having a hard time understanding why brushing and rinsing is so important.

This experiment will demonstrate the importance of brushing your teeth to avoid plaque buildup.
What you’ll need: food coloring, water, measuring spoons, tooth brush and toothpaste

The activity

  1. Mix 3 to 4 drops of your choice of food coloring in a few tablespoons of water
  2. Have your child swish around in their mouth for 10 seconds then spit it out
  3. Show your child were the food coloring stuck to their teeth indicating that there is plaque buildup in that area.
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4 Ways to Keep a Healthy Smile

Here they are …

See your hygienist: Having routine cleanings, two times a year, helps to promote good oral health. When cleanings become irregular or skipped it leaves room for the development of periodontal disease. This can cause swelling and receding and/or bleeding gums. As far as health goes, it can affect and contribute to health conditions such as stroke, obesity, diabetes, heart disease and attacks , sleep apnea and premature births in pregnant women. A routine cleaning can help not only to remove stains and tartar from your teeth but hygienists can screen for other health conditions such as oral cancer. Read more »

Practice Daily Preventative Care at Every Stage

Babies and toddlers should visit a dentist by there first birthday or as soon as a first tooth appears. It never hurts to be too early and it’s also great to acclimate your child to a dental office. Gently brushing a babies gums after every feeding with a toothbrush or washcloth helps to clean the gums. Even though there may not be teeth it still helps to prevent problems later.

Kids should be using a pea sized amount of fluoride toothpaste when brushing their teeth. Read more »

Four Ways to Protect your Teeth This Summer

We all know the summer is for relaxing. But one thing that should not be neglected during your relaxation are your teeth. Although it might be tempting to skip out on dental appointments or place dental necessities to the side, it’s not always a great idea. Here are four small things you can do to protect your teeth this summer.

  1. Stay away from sports drinks. Although they might seem great for hydrating in the heat,
  2. Read more »

Check Out these 5 Tips During Pregnancy

Because your mouth may affect your pregnancy, you should make sure you’re seeing your dentist at least for your six month appointments. Rising hormones can cause things such as swollen gums, in turn causing a good trap and leading to an irritation or possibly an infection. If you have been diagnosed with gum disease make sure you are being seen every 3-4 months. It’s been suggested that the risk for premature delivery has been linked to gum disease. Read more »

Happy Teeth for Your Pets

You may be sitting next to your dog or cat and he or she may have some pretty bad breath. What you may not know is that animals can produce the same plaque buildup as people do. Ideally, you would want to brush your pets teeth daily to reduce and remove plaque buildup, but it tends to be a very challenging task that doesn’t always happen. There are different ways around it…. one thing you can try is to rub your pets teeth with gauze and include a dab of toothpaste specifically for animals. Read more »

Four Types of Teeth and How They Function

Your teeth play very important role in every day activities. They Are needed to eat, speak and stay healthy.

First off, there are two stages and sense of human teeth. The first our primary, or baby, teeth and the second our permanent, or adult, teeth. These teeth develop in different stages and although have different timing each set of these teeth are similar.

There are four different types of teeth with very important roles to perform in your mouth. Read more »

Picking the Perfect Shade for Whiter teeth

I don’t know about you but I love make up. Sorry man but unless you’re wearing lipstick this blog is not for you. Here is a handy guide to help your smile look whiter.

First off wearing lipstick works similarly to other types of color correcting. Depending on the problem area, other make up is worn with warm or cool tones to correct different imperfections on the face.
Choosing a shade that helps bring out the white in your teeth can be a difficult thing. Read more »

Surprise! Your Oral Health can affect your heart

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a disease involving the blood vessels and the heart. It represents almost 29 % of all deaths in the United States. Gum disease and heart disease have many similarities, for example, inflammation is common in both cases and can contribute to narrowing coronary arteries and also breaking down the tissue that holds teeth in place. There has been research recently that suggests there is an association with CVD and gum disease. Read more »