Practice Daily Preventative Care at Every Stage

Babies and toddlers should visit a dentist by there first birthday or as soon as a first tooth appears. It never hurts to be too early and it’s also great to acclimate your child to a dental office. Gently brushing a babies gums after every feeding with a toothbrush or washcloth helps to clean the gums. Even though there may not be teeth it still helps to prevent problems later.
Kids should be using a pea sized amount of fluoride toothpaste when brushing their teeth. As long as there are two teeth that touch kids should be flossing once per day also. If the child is young enough it never hurts to go back and brush their teeth again to ensure they are reaching all teeth in their mouth.
Teenagers playing sports should be wearing proper mouth gear while doing so. Your local dentist can have a mouth guard made to properly fit your child’s specific needs. Better safe than sorry. Also, limit the amount of coffee, sodas and sports drinks full of sugar to decrease tooth decay. Be sure your teen is drinking water to stay hydrated but also to help dilute any acid‘s that are left in the mouth throughout the day.
When it comes to adults sometimes we are the most difficult to handle. If you have any dental appliances be sure that they are cleaned every day and stored properly when not in use. When going to our dentist, as adults, we always seem to forget basic things like bringing an updated medical condition and medication list. Be sure to inform your dentist of any changes every time you have an appointment. That means medication changes, any surgeries and medical conditions no matter how small.
A few pointers for the whole family for preventative care are to make sure you are brushing for two minutes, twice a day. Eat a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables. Some of them help to naturally clean teeth. Make sure you’re replacing toothbrushes every 3 to 4 months for the whole family. Be sure to visit your dentist at least twice a year for regular cleanings. Schedules get busy and things get put off but your dental health is very important to your overall health.