The Whitening Process

Everyone wants whiter teeth. Zoom is an in office whitening procedure. If you are not up to date with you dental cleanings we always recommend having one done prior to getting Zoom. 

Let me tell you the process that happens with Zoom whitening. 

Your scheduled appointment will take approximately two hours. First, your hygienist will take an impression of your teeth…Which will be used to make whitening trays for you to take home along with a syringe of waiting gel for maintenance.  Next, The mouth is retracted and prepped for the whitening. There is a material placed along the gums that protects them and the soft  tissue while the whitening occurs. Then, the whitening begins. The gel is painted on the teeth surface and in 4 , 15 minute sessions the teeth will be under our Zoom whitening lamp. When your teeth have reached the shade you and your hygienist have agreed upon we’ll wash the gel out of your mouth and we always do a fluoride treatment after the whitening. 

Fluoride helps to build up the enamel on the teeth and also helps with “zingers” and sensitivity. Zingers are can feel like she’ll electric shocks that will fade and can be helped with ibuprofen. 

When leaving with your beautiful pearly whites you’ll be advised to stay away for colored foods for the first 24 hours or so. Stick with clear or white foods. 

After that enjoy that beautiful smile and don’t forget to maintain it !!!