5 Reasons to see your Dentist


So many of us have busy lives and end up putting off our needs because of lack of time. One thing you should not do is put off seeing your dentist when you’re having problems with your mouth.  Here are 5 signs you should buzz the doctor for an appointment. 

  1. Tooth pain- when a toothache starts it’s very difficult to ignore it. At first you try to deal with the pain with homemade remedies but if the pain persists it maybe time to call the doctor. You could be experiencing an infection that if left untreated it could cause serious problems and even tooth loss.
  2. Persistent bad breath- you may think after eating that garlic or those onions that that is the cause of bad breath. This is usually not the case. If you are experiencing this it’s a sign that something has gone wrong. If you are taking care of your teeth properly with brushing and flossing regularly, you should not need mints or gum to mask an odor or taste. See your doctor. 
  3. Pregnancy- during pregnancy and even post partum the hormone changes that occur can make the gums more susceptible to plaque and inflammation . Pregnancy gingivitis is a common condition, but with frequent cleanings and proper care can be avoided or controlled. 
  4. Sensitive teeth- if sensitivity occurs while drinking your coffee, biting into that cupcake or brushing your teeth with cold water that can be a sign that there’s a problem brewing. There are different reasons that this could be occurring. Anywhere from a cavity to a defective filling or even a crack in the tooth. Plaque buildup can even cause sensitivity in your teeth. 
  5. Bleeding gums- if your gums are healthy they should not be bleeding. Bleeding gums can be a sign of inflammation due to periodontal problems. If this is the case and it is left untreated it can cause a wide variety of problems including but not limited to abscesses, gum recession and even bone loss.

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Call your dentist if any of these occur.