Why is a Sonicare/electric toothbrush better then the old standard ?

Have you ever used a Sonicare toothbrush? If the answer to that is Yes then you understand how glorious the experience is. If you answered No then you should definitely make a trip into the office and purchase your very first. 

The Sonicare has a variety of oral benefits.  First off, you can help your teeth to become naturally whiter. At the speed the bristles go back-and-forth it helps to diminish stains which are difficult to remove. Read more »

Pregnancy and you Oral Health


So you have a bun in the oven… Should you be continuing your oral hygiene care?

The answer to that is absolutely! 

Make sure if you have started or discontinued any medications during your pregnancy, you inform your dental provider. 

Teeth may become more prone to decay during pregnancy due to many factors such as an increase of carbohydrate intake or morning sickness. Your normal dental routine may be disrupted due to a more sensitive gag reflex, Read more »