Have you Heard of a CEREC ?

If you are a patient with our practice and have ever needed a crown,  you may have already experienced the CEREC. 

The CEREC is a 3-D technology that allows dental providers to eliminate the need for messy impressions and temporary crowns.  This computer-aided machine allows restorative work to be condensed to one visit for damaged teeth, that would normally take multiple visits.  

The CEREC can be used for crowns and onlays. Restorations done with the CEREC are natural looking, metal-free, anti-abrasive, plaque-resistant and strong and durable. 

The procedure takes about 90 minutes from beginning to end. There are photographs taken of the tooth being repaired, they are then sent to a machine that carves the shape based on the photographs. The onlay or crown is then inserted and all done! You can walk out of the office with your brand new crown…. no waiting, no additional appointments. 

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